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Government advice on home moving during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Communication received from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

I am contacting you from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in order to draw your attention to the recent publication of guidance for home buyers. The guidance can be found here, on the relevant gov.uk page. The publication of this guidance serves to provide further clarity to and amplify the previous messages of the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick.


In addition to sending you this guidance, I would like to urge you to please spread this guidance through your channels to all your relevant members and bodies to whom the guidance should apply and will impact. This is a difficult and unprecedented time and the government immensely values the support you are providing, not just in terms of guidance to your members, but also ensuring messages are disseminated far and wide. It is the last Friday of the month and we are thus keen for this guidance to be communicated as quickly and effectively as possible. I am also sharing the link to our official tweet highlighting the publication of the guidance, we would be most grateful if you could please retweet this through relevant channels.

To improve our engagement, we would be keen to know what channels of communication you are/have been utilising in order to circulate advice and guidance at this time? For example, twitter, press releases, conference calls or email.  Also, if you are planning to put out a quote it would be very useful if you could let us know, we greatly appreciate any support you can provide.

Should you have further queries surrounding the guidance I suggest that you contact my policy colleague Matt Prior (matt.prior@communities.gov.uk).